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Redcorp, S.A.

Launched in January 2010, 7Red offers players the best value for money, which is expressed by: Live support, complete security, higher chances of winning, fair play and loads of fun! In 2013 7red was awarded the Slots Operator of the Year (Online) award at the 6th International Gaming Awards ceremony held in London - for the second year running! The judges commented on 7Red's dedication and high quality of service to its players.
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Nordic Slots

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Jouer au Sic Bo

You may have noticed that as far as gambling is involved, the easier the game the more likely you are to lose. Easy games generally have much worse odds than those which take a little skill and practice. This is definitely the case when it comes to slot machines, all you have to do is to put your money in and press a button, gambling doesn’t come much easier than that does it? The problem is that there is no faster way to lose a pile of cash than playing casino games slots.

How Slot Machines Work

It doesn’t matter whether you’re playing a 3 reel or a 5 reel slot machine; the outcome of each bet is determined purely by random numbers. Whichever game you choose, it will have determined one random number per reel and map that number into position on the reel in the pre-appointed place. The score will be whatever that outcome is. The minute you press the button the outcome has already been pre-determined and everything else is nothing more than show. There’s no such thing as hot cycles, cold cycles or anything else. Every time you hit the button to spin the reels the odds of winning are exactly the same, irrespective of the last spin. Slot machines are probably the only type of casino game which does not have quantifiable odds. Players have no idea about the way each game was designed which makes it very difficult to find a typical game as a typical example.

Advice When Playing Slot Machines

Even knowing all of the above many people still spend many happy hours playing slot machines, and it doesn’t necessarily follow that they will all end up losers. There really is no skill involved whatsoever when it comes to playing slots but there are a few ways in which you can help to maximize the returns you get when playing.
Remember these top tips next time you play the slots:
1 – The easier games usually have better odds. Ignore the fancier games with the bigger signs, video screens and super duper graphics because they often pay less than the easier games. Having said that, often the fancier games are more fun, so it really depends why you’re playing in the first place.
2 – Don’t get carried away with rapid play or you’ll be sure to get down your allocated cash in a flash. Take it slowly so that you get your excitement; get your fix without spending too much money.
3 – The better odds are usually found on higher denominations. This means that it usually pays better to play one line on a 5 cent game instead of five lines on a 1 cent game.
4 – If any advice is offered on the more complicated games . . . take it.
Many people have a lot of fun playing casino games slots and you can too, just remember not to over-spend your limit because that’s no fun at all.